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उत्तरकालं त्यजति verb 1 uttarakAlaM tyajati { tyaj } suspend
लुम्पति verb 6 lumpati { lup } suspend
लोपं करोति verb 8 lopaM karoti { kR } suspend
विलम्बित adj. vilambita suspended
रज्जुपीठिका f. rajjupIThikA swing [rope-suspended-stool]
अवसज्जति verb avasajjati { avasaJj } suspend
भनक्ति verb bhanakti { bhaJj } suspend
आबाधते verb AbAdhate { AbAdh } suspend
प्रतिलम्बते verb pratilambate { pratilamb } suspend
उत्सृजते verb utsRjate { utsRj } suspend
उत्सृजति verb utsRjati { utsRj } suspend
अध्यासजति verb adhyAsajati suspend
प्रत्यवहारयति verb caus. pratyavahArayati { pratyavahR } suspend
लम्बयति verb caus. lambayati { lamb } suspend
आलम्बित adj. Alambita suspended
समालम्बित adj. samAlambita suspended
समासक्त adj. samAsakta suspended
प्रविलम्बते verb pravilambate { pravilamb } suspended
बाधक adj. bAdhaka suspending
उत्सर्ग m. utsarga suspending
बाधन m. bAdhana suspending
उत्सादन n. utsAdana suspending
स्थापन n. sthApana suspending
उत्सर्जन n. utsarjana suspending [a vedic lecture]
समासजति verb 1 samAsajati { samA- saJj } suspend round
अवसक्त adj. avasakta suspended from
अवलम्बित adj. avalambita suspended from
लम्बयति verb caus. lambayati { samAlamb } cause to suspend to
विषक्त adj. viSakta hung or suspended to
शिक्याकृत adj. zikyAkRta suspended by strings
वैहायस adj. vaihAyasa suspended in the air
प्राणायाम m. prANAyAma suspending the breath
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } wrap or suspend round
स्कन्धीकरोति verb skandhIkaroti { skandhIkR } suspend over the shoulder
बाधितव्य adj. bAdhitavya to be suspended or annulled
शिक्योदुत adj. zikyoduta suspended in a swing or loop
शैक्य adj. zaikya suspended in the loop of a yoke
त्यक्तपुनःस्विकृत adj. tyaktapunaHsvikRta resuming what has been suspended
काचित adj. kAcita suspended by a swing or in a loop
रज्जुपीठिका f. rajjupIThikA stool or bench suspended by ropes
उत्सन्नयज्ञ m. utsannayajJa interrupted or suspended sacrifice
प्रग्रह m. pragraha cord or string suspending a balance
प्रयाणभङ्ग m. prayANabhaGga breaking or suspending of a journey
वैकक्षिक n. vaikakSika garland suspended over the shoulder
वैकक्ष्य n. vaikakSya garland suspended over the shoulder
वैकक्षक n. vaikakSaka garland suspended over the shoulder
शिक्यापाश m. zikyApAza string by which a vessel is suspended
बाध्य adj. bAdhya to be set aside or suspended or annulled
शिक्यित adj. zikyita suspended in a swing or loop made of cord
बाध्यमानत्व n. bAdhyamAnatva condition of being suspended or set aside
बाधितत्व n. bAdhitatva being suspended or refuted or contradicted
वन्दनमाला f. vandanamAlA festoon of leaves suspended across gateways
वन्दनमालिका f. vandanamAlikA festoon of leaves suspended across gateways
पात्रकटक n. pAtrakaTaka the ring on which an alms-bowl is suspended
घट m. ghaTa suspending the breath as a religious exercise
घटावस्था f. ghaTAvasthA suspending the breath as a religious austerity
शिक्यकवस्त्र n. zikyakavastra balance made of cloth and suspended by strings
शङ्किल m. zaGkila conch-shell suspended on the ear of an elephant
उत्सर्ग m. utsarga particular ceremony on suspending repetition of the veda
कुम्भ m. kumbha closing the nostrils and mouth so as to suspend breathing [religious exercise]
त्र्यङ्गट n. tryaGgaTa 3 strings suspended to either end of a pole for carrying burdens
प्रभ्रष्टक n. prabhraSTaka chaplet or wreath of flowers suspended from the lock on the crown of the head
काच m. kAca string fastened to each end of a pole with a net in which burdens are held or suspended
लिङ्गवत् adj. liGgavat having or wearing a small model of the Phallus of ziva in a casket suspended round the neck
शिक्य n. zikya kind of loop or swing made of rope and suspended from either end of a pole or yoke to receive a load
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