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सुस्थ adj. sustha comfy
सुस्थ adj. sustha well off
सुस्थ adj. sustha comfortable
सुस्थता f. susthatA comfort
सुस्थता f. susthatA snugness
सुस्थता f. susthatA ease
सुस्थता f. susthatA comfortableness
सुस्थता f. susthatA convenience
सुस्थापन n. susthApana maintenance [computer]
सुस्थ adj. sustha safe and sound
सुस्थ adj. sustha happy
सुस्थ adj. sustha faring well
सुस्थ adj. sustha well situated
सुस्थ adj. sustha prosperous
सुस्थ adj. sustha healthy
सुस्तना f. sustanA having beautiful breasts
सुस्तनी f. sustanI having beautiful breasts
सुष्ठान adj. suSThAna standing firm
सुस्थान n. susthAna beautiful place
सुस्थता f. susthatA welfare
सुस्थता f. susthatA health
सुस्थता f. susthatA happiness
सुस्तम्भ m. sustambha good post or pillar
सुष्ठामन् adj. suSThAman having a firm support or frame
सुष्टरीमन् adj. suSTarIman forming an excellent bed or couch
सुस्थावती f. susthAvatI particular rAga
सुस्थयति verb susthayati { susthaya } establish or settle well
सुस्थयति verb susthayati { susthaya } make comfortable
सुस्थचित्त adj. susthacitta easy at heart
सुस्थचित्त adj. susthacitta feeling happy or comfortable
सुस्थकल्प adj. susthakalpa almost well or at ease
सुस्थण्डिल n. susthaNDila beautiful place on
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