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स्वभाव m. svabhAva character
स्वभावसमता f. svabhAvasamatA sympathy
स्वभावपचित्रता f. svabhAvapacitratA purity of character
स्वभाव m. svabhAva impulse
स्वभाव m. svabhAva nature
स्वभाव m. svabhAva natural state or constitution
स्वभाव m. svabhAva inherent nature
स्वभाव m. svabhAva spontaneity
स्वभाव m. svabhAva native place
स्वाभाव m. svAbhAva own non-existence
स्वभाव m. svabhAva innate or inherent disposition
स्वभाव m. svabhAva own condition or state of being
स्वभवस् adj. svabhavas being in the Self
स्वभावज adj. svabhAvaja natural
स्वभावज adj. svabhAvaja produced by natural disposition
स्वभावज adj. svabhAvaja innate
स्वभावता f. svabhAvatA state of innate disposition or nature
स्वभावतः indecl. svabhAvataH intrinsically
स्वभावतस् adv. svabhAvatas inherently
स्वभावत्व n. svabhAvatva state of innate disposition or nature
स्वभावकृत adj. svabhAvakRta natural
स्वभावकृत adj. svabhAvakRta done by nature
स्वभाववाद m. svabhAvavAda doctrine that the universe was produced and is sustained by the natural and necessary action of substances according to their in
स्वभावशूर adj. svabhAvazUra possessing natural heroes
स्वभावभाव m. svabhAvabhAva natural disposition
स्वभावद्वेष m. svabhAvadveSa natural hatred
स्वभाववादिन् m. svabhAvavAdin one who maintains the above doctrine
स्वभावकृपण m. svabhAvakRpaNa naturally mean
स्वभावसिद्ध adj. svabhAvasiddha innate
स्वभावसिद्ध adj. svabhAvasiddha established by nature
स्वभावसिद्ध adj. svabhAvasiddha self-evident
स्वभावसिद्ध adj. svabhAvasiddha obvious
स्वभावसिद्ध adj. svabhAvasiddha natural
स्वभावविहित adj. svabhAvavihita naturally formed
स्वभावदौर्जन्य n. svabhAvadaurjanya natural or innate wickedness
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