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स्वैर adj. svaira voluntary
स्वैर adj. svaira optional
स्वैर adj. svaira walking slowly or cautiously
स्वैर adj. svaira self-willed
स्वैर adj. svaira wilful
स्वैर adj. svaira doing what one likes
स्वैर adj. svaira going where one likes
स्वैर adj. svaira unrestrained
स्वैर adj. svaira independent
स्वैर n. svaira confidingly
स्वैर n. svaira unreservedly
स्वैर n. svaira wilfulness
स्वैरम् adverb svairam at one\'s pleasure
स्वैरम् ind. svairam of one's own accord
स्वैरम् ind. svairam cautiously
स्वैरम् ind. svairam slowly
स्वैरम् ind. svairam easily
स्वैरम् ind. svairam softly
स्वैरम् ind. svairam freely
स्वैरम् ind. svairam spontaneously
स्वैरम् ind. svairam according to one's own inclination or will or pleasure
स्वैरम् ind. svairam gently
स्वैरम् ind. svairam unconstrainedly
स्वैरम् ind. svairam at random
स्वैरता f. svairatA self-reliance
स्वैरता f. svairatA independence
स्वैरता f. svairatA wilfulness
स्वैरकम् ind. svairakam unreservedly
स्वैरकम् ind. svairakam unrestrainedly
स्वैरकम् ind. svairakam freely
स्वैरकम् ind. svairakam plainly
स्वैरकम् ind. svairakam straight out
स्वैराचार adj. svairAcAra of unrestrained conduct or behaviour
स्वैराचार m. svairAcAra independence
स्वैरगति adj. svairagati going about freely
स्वैराहार m. svairAhAra as much food as one likes
स्वैराहार m. svairAhAra abundant food
स्वैरस्थ adj. svairastha remaining indifferent or unconcerned
स्वैरचारिन् adj. svairacArin acting at will
स्वैरचारिन् adj. svairacArin free
स्वैरचारिन् adj. svairacArin independent
स्वैरकथा f. svairakathA unreserved or unconstrained conversation
स्वैरवृत्ति adj. svairavRtti acting wilfully or without restraint
स्वैरवृत्ति f. svairavRtti unbridledness
स्वैरवृत्ति f. svairavRtti wilfulness
स्वैरवर्तिन् adj. svairavartin following one's own inclinations
स्वैरवर्तिन् adj. svairavartin acting as one likes
स्वैरविहारिन् adj. svairavihArin meeting with no resistance
स्वैरविहारिन् adj. svairavihArin roaming about at pleasure
स्वैरविहारिन् adj. svairavihArin unimpeded
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