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स्वस्तिकं करोति verb 8 svastikaM karoti { kR } cross oneself
स्वस्तिकं करोति verb 8 svastikaM karoti { kR } make the sign of the cross
पुनः स्वस्थीकरोति verb 8 punaH svasthIkaroti { kR } repair
स्वस्तिक m. svastika kind of cake
स्वस्तिक m. svastika mystical cross
स्वस्तिक m. svastika cock
स्वस्तिक m. svastika kind of mystical cross or mark made on persons and things to denote good luck
स्वस्तिक m. svastika particular symbol made of ground rice and formed like a triangle
स्वस्तिक m. svastika crossing of the arms or hands on the breast
स्वस्तिक m. svastika libertine
स्वस्तिक m. svastika species of garlic
स्वस्तिक m. svastika dish of a particular form
स्वस्तिक m. svastika meeting of four roads
स्वस्तिक m. svastika any lucky or auspicious object
स्वस्तिक m. svastika triangular crest-jewel
स्वस्तिक m. svastika kind of bard
स्वस्तिक m. svastika bandage in the form of a cross
स्वस्तिक m.n. svastika particular mode of sitting practised by yogins
स्वस्तिक m.n. svastika four-leaf clover [Marsilea Quadrifolia - Bot]
स्वस्तिक m.n. svastika mansion or temple of a particular form
स्वस्तिकार m. svastikAra bard who cries svasti
स्वस्तिकाङ्क adj. svastikAGka marked with the svastika cross
स्वस्तिकदान n. svastikadAna crossing the hands
स्वस्तिकर्मन् n. svastikarman causing welfare or success
स्वस्तिकासन n. svastikAsana mode of sitting
स्वस्थीकरोति verb svasthIkaroti { svasthIkR } reduce to one's natural condition
स्वस्थीकरोति verb svasthIkaroti { svasthIkR } make one's self
स्वस्थीकरोति verb svasthIkaroti { svasthIkR } make well
स्वस्तिककर्ण adj. svastikakarNa marked on the ear with the figure called svastika
स्वस्तिकयन्त्र n. svastikayantra surgical instrument of a particular form
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