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ताण्डव m.n. tANDava tribrach
ताण्डव m.n. tANDava frantic dance
ताण्डव m.n. tANDava type of grass used for making mats [Saccharum procerum - Bot.]
ताण्डव m.n. tANDava dancing
ताण्डव m.n. tANDava frantic dance
ताण्डवयितृ adj. tANDavayitR one who causes to dance with violent movements
ताण्डवप्रिय m. tANDavapriya fond of the tANDava dance
ताण्डवप्रिय m. tANDavapriya ziva
ताण्डवतालिक m. tANDavatAlika dancing and clapping the hands
ताण्डवतालिक m. tANDavatAlika ziva's door-keeper nandin
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