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ताम्बूल m. tAmbUla betel leaf [Piper Betle - Bot.]
उग्र-ताम्बूल n. ugra-tAmbUla traditional after-meal digestive aid embellished with some tobacco
ताम्बूलपेटिका f. tAmbUlapeTikA betel box
ताम्बूल n. tAmbUla areca-nut
ताम्बूल n. tAmbUla betel
ताम्बूल n. tAmbUla pungent and aromatic leaf of betel plant [Piper Betle - Bot.]
तम्बूल n. tambUla leaf of piper betel
ताम्बूल n. tAmbUla areca-nut and other aromatic condiments wrapped in betel-leaf chewed after a meal as breath-freshener and digestive aid
ताम्बूलज adj. tAmbUlaja betel-leaf [Piper Betle - Bot.]
ताम्बूलाक्त adj. tAmbUlAkta smeared with the juice of chewed betel
ताम्बूलराग m. tAmbUlarAga lentil [Ervum lens - Bot.]
ताम्बूलपत्त्र m. tAmbUlapattra water yam [Dioscorea alata - bot.]
ताम्बूलपत्त्र n. tAmbUlapattra betel-leaf [Piper Betle - Bot.]
ताम्बूलवीटिका f. tAmbUlavITikA areca-nut wrapped in a betel-leaf
ताम्बूलाधिकार m. tAmbUlAdhikAra office of carrying the betel-box for persons of rank
ताम्बूलकरङ्क m. tAmbUlakaraGka betel-box
ताम्बूलवल्लिका f. tAmbUlavallikA betel-plant
ताम्बूलभक्षण n. tAmbUlabhakSaNa eating of betel-leaf
ताम्बूलजपत्त्र adj. tAmbUlajapattra betel-leaf [Piper Betle - Bot.]
ताम्बूलकरङ्कवाह m. tAmbUlakaraGkavAha servant carrying his master's betel-box
ताम्बूलकरङ्कवाहिनी f. tAmbUlakaraGkavAhinI female servant carrying her master's betel-box
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