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तीर्थ m. tIrtha ascetic
तीर्थक m. tIrthaka ascetic
तीर्थकर m. tIrthakara trailblazer
तीर्थकर m. tIrthakara pioneer
तीर्थकर m. tIrthakara spearhead [fig.]
तीर्थकर m. tIrthakara pathfinder
तीर्थ n. tIrtha advice
तीर्थ n. tIrtha preceptor
तीर्थ n. tIrtha channel
तीर्थ n. tIrtha vulva
तीर्थ n. tIrtha one of the ten orders of ascetics founded by zaMkarAcArya
तीर्थ n. tIrtha adviser
तीर्थ n. tIrtha right place or moment
तीर्थ n. tIrtha counsel
तीर्थ n. tIrtha woman's courses
तीर्थ n. tIrtha path to the altar between the
तीर्थ n. tIrtha brahman
तीर्थ n. tIrtha sacred object
तीर्थ n. tIrtha place of pilgrimage
तीर्थ n. tIrtha fire
तीर्थ n. tIrtha worthy person
तीर्थ n. tIrtha person worthy of receiving anything
तीर्थ n. tIrtha cAtvAla and utkara
तीर्थ n. tIrtha stairs for landing or for descent into a river
तीर्थ n. tIrtha sacred place
तीर्थ n. tIrtha instruction
तीर्थ n. tIrtha piece of water
तीर्थ n. tIrtha certain lines or parts of the hand sacred to the deities
तीर्थ n. tIrtha usual or right way or manner
तीर्थ n. tIrtha worthy object
तीर्थ n. tIrtha object of veneration
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha bathing-place
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha stairs for descent into a river
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha road
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha passage
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha way
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha ford [shallow pond]
तीर्थ n. (m.) tIrtha place of pilgrimage on the banks of sacred streams
तीर्थक n. tIrthaka tIrtha
तीर्थकृत् m. tIrthakRt Jain arhat
तीर्थकृत् m. tIrthakRt tIrtha-maker
तीर्थपद् adj. tIrthapad having sanctifying feet
तीर्थपद् adj. tIrthapad having sanctifying feet
तीर्थसद् adj. tIrthasad dwelling at tIrthas
तीर्थवत् adj. tIrthavat abounding in tIrthas
तीर्थवत् adj. tIrthavat having water-descents
तीर्थदेव m. tIrthadeva ziva
तीर्थकाक m. tIrthakAka crow at a tIrtha
तीर्थकाक m. tIrthakAka unsteady pupil
तीर्थकर adj. tIrthakara creating a passage
तीर्थकर m. tIrthakara ziva
तीर्थकर m. tIrthakara head of a sect
तीर्थपूजा f. tIrthapUjA washing kRSNa's statue in holy water
तीर्थराजी f. tIrtharAjI Benares
तीर्थराजी f. tIrtharAjI line of tIrthas
तीर्थसेवा f. tIrthasevA worship of the 24 saints
तीर्थतम n. tIrthatama object of the highest sanctity
तीर्थतम n. tIrthatama more sacred than
तीर्थवाक m. tIrthavAka hair of the head
तीर्थशिला f. tIrthazilA stone steps leading to a bathing-place
तीर्थभूत adj. tIrthabhUta sanctified
तीर्थचर्या f. tIrthacaryA pilgrimage
तीर्थचर्या f. tIrthacaryA visit to any tIrtha
तीर्थकीर्ति adj. tIrthakIrti one whose fame is a tIrtha
तीर्थसेविन् m. tIrthasevin little egret heron [ Ardea nivea - Zoo. ]
तीर्थसेविन् m. tIrthasevin visiting tIrthas
तीर्थवासिन् adj. tIrthavAsin dwelling at a tIrtha
तीर्थविधि m. tIrthavidhi rites observed at a sacred river, lake, etc
तीर्थपादीय m. tIrthapAdIya adherent of kRSNa
तीर्थयात्रिन् adj. tIrthayAtrin engaged in trA
तीर्थदेवमय adj. tIrthadevamaya containing tIrthas and gods
तीर्थकमण्डलु m. tIrthakamaNDalu pot with sacred water
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