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कलङ्कयति verb denom. kalaGkayati { kalaGkay } taint
लिम्पते verb 6 limpate { lip } taint
लिम्पति verb 6 limpati { lip } taint
मलिनित adj. malinita tainted
शमलगृहीत m. zamalagRhIta affected with a taint
वीतकल्मष adj. vItakalmaSa freed from taint or sin
वीशोधित adj. vIzodhita freed from soil or taint
विव्यत्सति verb Desid. vivyatsati { vyadh } wish to affect or taint with
व्यपेतकल्मष adj. vyapetakalmaSa having taint or guilt removed
मातृविदूषित adj. mAtRvidUSita tainted or impaired by a mother
संस्कार m. saMskAra one which purifies from the taint of sin contracted in the womb and leading to regeneration/rebirth
संस्कार m. saMskAra sacred or sanctifying ceremony one which purifies the person from the taint of sin contracted in the womb and thus leading to regeneration
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