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तम m. tama darkness
तमङ्ग m. tamaGga balcony
तमङ्ग m. tamaGga gallery
तमाखु m. tamAkhu tobacco
तमवदन ind. tamavadana about him
तमाखुनालि f. tamAkhunAli cigarette
तमाखुनालिका f. tamAkhunAlikA cigar
न खलु तामभिक्रुद्धो गुरुः sent. na khalu tAmabhikruddho guruH I hope the teacher did not get angry with her.
तम adj. tama most desired
तम adj. tama added (in older language) to adverbs and (in later language) to verbs , intensifying their meaning
तमा f. tamA night
तम ind. tama much
तम ind. tama in a high degree
तम m. tama sour mangosteen [Xanthochymus Pictorius - Bot.]
ताम m. tAma anxiety
ताम m. tAma longing
ताम m. tAma distress
ताम m. tAma yearning
तम n. tama affix forming the superlative degree of adjectives and rarely of substantives
तम n. tama point of the foot
तमम् ind. tamam so as to faint away
तमस् n. tamas obscuration of the sun or moon in eclipses
तमस् n. tamas darkness
तमस् n. tamas hell or a particular division of hell
तमस् n. tamas ignorance
तमस् n. tamas darkness of hell
तमस् n. tamas illusion
तमस् n. tamas error
तमस् n. tamas mental darkness
तमस् n. tamas gloom
तमका f. tamakA Indian gooseberry [Phyllanthus emblica - Bot.]
तमक m. tamaka kind of asthma
तमक m. tamaka oppression
तमक m. tamaka asthma [kind of]
तामल adj. tAmala made of the bark of the tamAla plant
तमाल m. tamAla sort of black khadira tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
तमाल m. tamAla sectarial mark on the forehead
तमाल m. tamAla sword
तमाल m. tamAla dark-barked sour mangosteen [Xanthochymus Pictorius - Bot.]
तमाल m. tamAla tobacco
तमाल m. tamAla sacred garlic pear tree [Crataeva Roxburghii - Bot.]
तमाल m.n. tamAla bark of bamboo
तमन n. tamana becoming breathless
तामर n. tAmara ghee
तमर n. tamara tin
तामर n. tAmara water
तामस adj. tAmasa various
तामस adj. tAmasa pertaining to or affected by the quality tamas
तामस adj. tAmasa dark
तमस adj. tamasa dark-coloured
तमस adj. tamasa dark colored
तामस adj. tAmasa ignorant
तमस m. tamasa darkness a well
तामस m. tAmasa malignant person
तामस m. tAmasa owl
तामस m. tAmasa snake
तमस n. tamasa darkness
तमस n. tamasa city
तामस n. tAmasa darkness
तामस n. tAmasa sleep
तमस n. tamasa for mas
तामसी f. tAmasI durgA
तामसी f. tAmasI night
तमत adj. tamata desirous of
तमङ्ग m. tamaGga platform
तमस्क adj. tamaska darkness
तमस्क adj. tamaska quality of tamas or sloth
तमस्क adj. tamaska mental darkness
तमालक m.n. tamAlaka bark of a bamboo
तमालक m.n. tamAlaka sour mangosteen [Xanthochymus Pictorius - Bot.]
तमालक n. tamAlaka four-leaf clover [Marsilea Quadrifolia - Bot]
तमालक n. tamAlaka leaf of cinnamon [Laurus Cassia - Bot.]
तामलकी f. tAmalakI Indian Plum [Flacourtia indica - Bot.]
तमालिनी f. tamAlinI place overgrown with tamAla trees
तामरस m. tAmarasa little egret heron [ Ardea nivea - Zoo. ]
तामरस n. tAmarasa lotus flower
तामरस n. tAmarasa copper
तामरस n. tAmarasa day-lotus
तामरस n. tAmarasa gold
तामरस n. tAmarasa metre of 4 x 12 syllables
तामरसी f. tAmarasI lotus pond
तामसिक adj. tAmasika relating to the quality tamas
तमस्वत् adj. tamasvat gloomy
तमयति verb caus. tamayati { tam } deprive of breath
तमयति verb caus. tamayati { tam } suffocate
तमङ्गक m. tamaGgaka platform
तमःस्पृश् adj. tamaHspRz connected with darkness
तमाह्वय m. tamAhvaya plant tAlIzapattra
तमस्वती f. tamasvatI night
तमस्वती f. tamasvatI turmeric
तामसगुण m. tAmasaguNa quality of tamas
तामसलीना f. tAmasalInA one of the forms of dissatisfaction
तमस्कल्प adj. tamaskalpa gloomy
तमस्कल्प adj. tamaskalpa like darkness
तमस्काण्ड m. tamaskANDa great or spreading darkness
तमःस्थित n. tamaHsthita situated in darkness
तमःप्रवेश m. tamaHpraveza groping in the dark
तमःप्रवेश m. tamaHpraveza mental perplexity
तमालपत्त्र n. tamAlapattra sour mangosteen [Xanthochymus Pictorius - Bot.]
तमालपत्त्र n. tamAlapattra leaf of cinnamon [Laurus Cassia - Bot.]
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