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तामस adj. tAmasa pertaining to or affected by the quality tamas
तामस adj. tAmasa dark
तमस adj. tamasa dark colored
तमस adj. tamasa dark-coloured
तामस adj. tAmasa ignorant
तामस adj. tAmasa various
तामस m. tAmasa malignant person
तामस m. tAmasa owl
तामस m. tAmasa snake
तमस m. tamasa darkness a well
तमस n. tamasa darkness
तमस n. tamasa city
तामस n. tAmasa darkness
तामस n. tAmasa sleep
तमस n. tamasa for mas
तामसगुण m. tAmasaguNa quality of tamas
तामसलीना f. tAmasalInA one of the forms of dissatisfaction
तमःसङ्घात m. tamaHsaGghAta dense darkness
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