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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
काल m. kAla tense [grammar]
लकार m. lakAra tense
भवन्ती f. bhavantI present tense [grammar]
वर्तमानकाल m. vartamAnakAla present tense [grammar]
लङ् laG past action not done today, and others. Presently, the most commonly used form of the past tense. [gramm. - Sanskrit]
त्रैकाल्य n. traikAlya 3 tenses
कृत n. kRta past tense
अद्यतनी f. adyatanI aorist tense
भविष्यकाल m. bhaviSyakAla future tense
भविष्यत् n. bhaviSyat future tense [Grammar]
त्रिकाल n. trikAla 3 times or tenses
भविष्यन्ती f. bhaviSyantI first future tense
अतीतकल m. atItakala past time or tense
स्म encl. part sma imparting past tense
त्रैकालिक adj. traikAlika relating to the 3 tenses
वर्तमान n. vartamAna { laT } present tense indicative [Skrt. grammar]
शोशुभ्यते verb Intens. zozubhyate { zubh } shine brightly or in tensely
परोक्षा f. parokSA termination of the perfect tense
भूतकाल m. bhUtakAla past time or the preterite tense
वर्तमाना f. vartamAnA terminations of the present tense
अनद्यतन m. anadyatana tense not applicable to the current day
प्रवर्तना f. pravartanA sense of the precative or qualified imperative tense
लुट् luT first future or Periphrastic future tenses - definite futurity, not today [gramm. - Sanskrit]
लृट् lRT second future or simple future tense - Indefinite futurity, including today [gramm. - Sanskrit]
लटति verb laTati { laT } technical term for the terminations of the Present or for that tense itself
लङ् laG technical term for the terminations of the Imperfect or for that tense itself
la technical term for all the tenses and moods of a finite verb or for the terminations of those tenses and moods
la technical term for all the tenses and moods of a finite verb or for the terminations of those tenses and moods
लट् laT present tense - action taking place at the present time, recently completed or in the immediate future; habitual or repeated action [gramm. - Sanskrit]
गति f. gati term for prepositions and some other adverbial prefixes when immediately connected with the tenses of a verb or with verbal derivatives
लिट् liT perfect tense - action done before the current day and not witnessed by the speaker or action which takes place when the speaker was unconscious or distracted [gramm. - Sanskrit]
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