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स्वयम् inverb adj svayam themselves
स्वगूर्त adj. svagUrta exulting in themselves
धूप m. dhUpa gum and resin themselves
महाप्राण m. mahAprANa aspirated letters themselves
निर्माणरतिदेव m. nirmANaratideva enjoying pleasures provided by themselves
कीलक m. kIlaka kind of pillar for cows to rub themselves against
क्रम m. krama words or letters themselves when combined or arranged in the said manner
वितान m.,n. vitAna separate arrangement of the three sacred fires or the separate fires themselves
दीक्षा f. dIkSA undertaking religious observances for a particular purpose and the observances themselves
वैरागिन् m. vairAgin particular class of religious devotees or mendicants who have freed themselves from all worldly desires
महापथ m. mahApatha mountain-precipices from which devotees throw themselves to obtain a speedier entrance into ziva's heaven
अनाश्रमिन् m. anAzramin one who does not belong to or follow any of the four Azramas or religious orders to which Brahmans at different periods of life
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