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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
तर्हि ind. tarhi so [therefore]
तद् ind. tad so [therefore]
तथा हि ind. tathA hi so [therefore]
तर्हि adverb tarhi therefore
नूनम् adverb nUnam therefore
तथा हि adverb tathA hi therefore
तद् adverb tad therefore
तदर्थम् ind. tadartham therefore
अतः indecl. ataH therefore
यतः ... ततः m. yataH ... tataH since ... therefore
यस्मात् ... तस्मात् conj. yasmAt ... tasmAt because ... therefore
त्वरितं कार्यम् आसीत् अतः आगतवान् sent. tvaritaM kAryam AsIt ataH AgatavAn There was some urgent work therefore I came.
ततः adv, tataH therefore
तद् adverb tad therefore
तद् adverb tad therefore
तेन adverb tena therefore
पारिशेष्यात् ind. pArizeSyAt therefore
तत्कृते ind. tatkRte therefore
अथापि ind. athApi therefore
इतस् ind. itas therefore
तत्र ind. tatra therefore
अथो ind. atho therefore
परिशेषात् ind. parizeSAt therefore
अत एव ind. ata eva therefore
ही ind. hI therefore
एतदर्थम् ind. etadartham therefore
तस्मात् indecl. tasmAt therefore
अथातः indecl. athAtaH then and therefore
अनागम adj. anAgama and therefore without documentary proof
ग्रन्थि m. granthi knot tied closely and therefore difficult to be undone
शरभा f. zarabhA girl with withered limbs and therefore unfit for marriage
सामवेद m. sAmaveda and its sound is therefore said to possess a kind of impurity
लिङ्ग n. liGga anything having an origin and therefore liable to be destroyed again
अनुत्तर n. anuttara reply which is coherent or evasive and therefore held to be no answer
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa one who has not washed his hands and mouth and therefore is considered impure
सौदायिक adj. saudAyika that which is given to a woman at her marriage by her father or mother or any relative and therefore becomes her property
असमावर्तक m. asamAvartaka religious student who has not yet completed the period of his residence with his teacher and who therefore has not yet returned