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गहन n. gahana thicket
गह्वर m. gahvara thicket
वल्लूर m. vallUra thicket
गुल्म m. gulma thicket
विटप m. viTapa thicket
षण्ड m. SaNDa thicket
निकुञ्ज m. nikuJja thicket
स्तम्ब m. stamba thicket
वन n. vana thicket
वन n. vana thicket
विपिन n. vipina thicket
कलिल n. kalila thicket
सान्द्र n. sAndra thicket
गुहिन n. guhina thicket
मूल n. mUla thicket
नडवन n. naDavana reeds-thicket
नडवन n. naDavana reeds-thicket
वेणुगुल्म m. n. veNugulma bamboo thicket
वेणुगुल्म n. veNugulma bamboo-thicket
वेणुगुल्म n. veNugulma bamboo-thicket
वृक्षसङ्कट n. vRkSasaGkaTa forest-thicket
वृक्षसङ्कट n. vRkSasaGkaTa forest-thicket
शरवण n. zaravaNa thicket of reed
शर्यण m. zaryaNa thicket of reeds
तरुगहन n. tarugahana thicket of woods
शैलकुञ्ज m. zailakuJja thicket on a hill
वल्लुर n. vallura thicket or wilderness
कक्षोदक n. kakSodaka moisture in a thicket
दूर्वावण n. dUrvAvaNa thicket of Durba grass
शरस्तम्ब m. zarastamba clump or thicket of reeds
शरवण n. zaravaNa thicket or clump of reeds
शरवणालय m. zaravaNAlaya born in a thicket of reeds
शरवणोद्भव m. zaravaNodbhava born in a thicket of reeds
शरवणभव m. zaravaNabhava born in a thicket of reeds
घुण्टिक n. ghuNTika cow-dung found in thickets
वंशवितति f. vaMzavitati clump or thicket of bamboos
वंशकठिन m. vaMzakaThina clump or thicket of bamboos
गहनवत् adj. gahanavat having hiding-places or thickets
गुहागहनवत् adj. guhAgahanavat furnished with caverns and thickets
वान n. vAna multitude of woods or groves or thickets
लोप्य adj. lopya being among thickets or inaccessible places
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