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तान् एव phrase tAn eva those very persons
तानि कदलीफलानि. sent. tAni kadalIphalAni. Those are bananas.
न, तानि नूतनानि. sent. na, tAni nUtanAni. No, those are new ones.
तासु द्रोणीषु किम् अस्ति ? sent. tAsu droNISu kim asti ? What is in those buckets?
आम्, तानि फलानि पक्वानि. sent. Am, tAni phalAni pakvAni. Yes, those fruits are ripe.
पुस्तकानि समाप्तानि sent. pustakAni samAptAni (Those) books are out of stock.
तेषु प्रदेशेषु हिमपातः अधिकम् sent. teSu pradezeSu himapAtaH adhikam In those states/regions there is more snowfall.
तेषु m. teSu in those
तद्गुण m. tadguNa virtue of those
इत्येतन्नामक adj. ityetannAmaka having those names
केसर n. kesara flower of those plants
श्रोतार m. zrotAra those men who heard st. [the message, sound, etc]
हतावशेष m. hatAvazeSa those left of the slain
अनुयाजानुमन्त्रण n. anuyAjAnumantraNa reciting those formulas
तद्गुण m. tadguNa quality of that or those
अभ्यातानत्व n. abhyAtAnatva state of those war-songs
परस्मैपदिन् adj. parasmaipadin taking those terminations
तत्र ind. tatra under those circumstances
खरदूषणवध m. kharadUSaNavadha slaughter of those demons
अदयीय adj. adayIya belonging to that or those
रेशयदारिन् adj. rezayadArin destroying those who injure
जितलोक adj. jitaloka those who have conquered heaven
पूज्यपूजा f. pUjyapUjA honouring those worthy of honour
ऐणेयजङ्घता f. aiNeyajaGghatA having legs like those of a deer
सिद्धसाधन n. siddhasAdhana materials employed in those rites
कोकिलनयन m. kokilanayana having eyes like those of the Koil
स्त्रीलक्षणविद् adj. strIlakSaNavid acquainted with those characteristic
त्रिसुपर्ण adj. trisuparNa familiar with or reciting those verses
त्रिसुपर्ण adj. trisuparNa familiar with or reciting those verses
अन्तःपुर n. antaHpura those who live in the female apartments
एकधन f. ekadhana water taken up by means of those vessels
दम्यसारथि m. damyasArathi guide of those who have to be restrained
गोपक्षनेत्रता f. gopakSanetratA having eyes with lids like those of a cow
गुणमत n. guNamata doctrine of those who worship the qualities
अश्वजघन adj. azvajaghana having the lower limbs like those of a horse
अथर्वन् m. atharvan often coupled with those of aGgiras and bhRgu
राजकर्तृ m. rAjakartR king-maker those who place a king on the throne
एधमानद्विष् adj. edhamAnadviS hating those who have become insolent or impious
सुतसोमवत् adj. sutasomavat joined with those who have prepared the soma-juice
चतुर्महाराजकायिक m. caturmahArAjakAyika belonging to the attendance of those 4 great kings
आत्मप्रवाद m. AtmapravAda those who assert the dogmas about the supreme spirit
चक्रदन्तीबीज m. cakradantIbIja having seeds resembling those of the plant cakradanti
क्र्यादि m. kryAdi roots beginning with krI i.e. those of the ninth class
आन्तराल adj. AntarAla those who know the condition of the soul within the body
चूलिका f. cUlikA hinting of a matter or event by those behind the curtain
अत्रिभारद्वाजिका f. atribhAradvAjikA marriage of descendants of atri with those of bhAradvAja
वक्मराजसत्य adj. vakmarAjasatya faithful to those who are the rulers or ordainers of hymns
अनुत्तरोपपातिकदशा f. anuttaropapAtikadazA title of the ninth aGga of the jainas treating of those gods
गाथानाराशंसी f. gAthAnArAzaMsI epic songs and particularly those in praise of men or heroes
शुद्धगणपति m. zuddhagaNapati gaNeza as worshipped by those who have cleansed their mouths
सङ्क्रोश n. saGkroza those parts of a horse's body which in moving produce a sound
कुम्भला f. kumbhalA plant the flowers of which are compared to those of Kadama tree [Nauclea Cadamba - Bot.]
विघ्नेश vighneza name of those who have attained a particular degree of emancipation [pl.]
द्राविणोदस adj. drAviNodasa coming from or belonging to or destined for those who present gifts
वाद्यवादकसामग्री f. vAdyavAdakasAmagrI whole collection of musical instrument and those who play upon them
अश्विसालोक्य n. azvisAlokya attainment of heaven by those who have offered azva-medha sacrifices
जुहोति m. juhoti technical name for those sacrificial ceremonies to which hu is applied
अभिघात n. abhighAta and of the third with the second letter of those classes of consonants
प्राकृतोदासीन m. prAkRtodAsIna sovereign whose dominions are situated beyond those of the natural ally
वसिष्ठकश्यपिका f. vasiSThakazyapikA matrimonial alliance between the descendants of vasiSTha and those of kazyapa
एतद् adj. etad used to give emphasis to the personal pronouns or with omission of those pronouns
पदसङ्घाट m. padasaGghATa connecting those words together which in the saMhitA are separated by a kind of refrain
मासताला f. mAsatAlA those parts of a calf skin from which the parchment stretched at the end of drums is made
सङ्ख्यातानुदेश m. saGkhyAtAnudeza subsequent enumeration the members of which correspond successively to those of a previous one on
la technical term for all the tenses and moods of a finite verb or for the terminations of those tenses and moods
अङ्गिरस् m. aGgiras priests who by using the magical formulas of those hymns protect the sacrifice against the effects of inauspicious accidents
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