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दलिक m. dalika timber
मुण्डाक m. muNDAka timber
दारु m. n. dAru timber
विसार n. visAra timber
काष्ठ n. kASTha timber
दलिक m. dalika building timber
दारु m. n. dAru building timber
विसार n. visAra building timber
वनस्पति m. vanaspati timber
वन n. vana timber
निधापक m. nidhApaka burnt timber
अधोदारु n. adhodAru under timber
वनच्छिद् adj. vanacchid felling timber
वनच्छेद m. vanaccheda cutting timber
घृष्टिनेत्र n. ghRSTinetra hole in timber
आर्द्रकाष्ठ n. ArdrakASTha timber not dry
सुद्रु m. sudru good wood or timber
दीर्घकाष्ठ n. dIrghakASTha long piece of timber
शिला f. zilA lower timber of a door
शिलि f. zili lower timber of a door
काष्ठ n. kASTha piece of wood or timber
वङ्क्रि f. vaGkri ribs or timber of a roof
काष्ठ n. kASTha wood or timber in general
दारुवह adj. dAruvaha bearing or carrying timber
काष्ठतक्ष् m. kASThatakS cutting and framing timber
काष्ठतन्तु m. kASThatantu small worm found in timber
काष्ठघटन m. kASThaghaTana framing and joining timber
उम्बर m. umbara upper timber of a door frame
नक्र n. nakra upper timber of a door-frame
लाङ्गल n. lAGgala plough-shaped beam or timber
सङ्घाट m. saGghATa fitting and joining of timber
घुण m. ghuNa kind of insect found in timber
अम्मरा f. ammarA second beam of timber over a door
वंश m. vaMza upper timbers or beams of a house
वृकवाला f. vRkavAlA piece of timber at the side of a door
स्थूलकाष्ठदह् m. sthUlakASThadah fire made with thick pieces of timber
स्थूलकाष्ठाग्नि m. sthUlakASThAgni fire made with thick pieces of timber
सपट्टी f. sapaTTI two pieces of timber at the side of a door
सट्ट n. saTTa two pieces of timber at the side of a door
स्थाणुच्छेद m. sthANuccheda one who cuts down the trunks of trees or clears away timber
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