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तिथि f. tithi date [Com.]
तिथि m. tithi day of the month
तिथिमुद्रा f. tithimudrA date stamp
जूलियन्-तिथि f. jUliyan-tithi Julian date [computer]
अद्य तिथिः द्वितीया sentence adya tithiH dvitIyA Today is the second.
अद्य कतमा तिथिः ? sentence adya katamA tithiH ? What is the date today?
तिथी f. tithI lunar day
तिथि m., f. tithi day
तिथि m.f. tithi lunar day
तिथि m.f. tithi number 15
तितील m. titIla bat
तितिल n. titila one of the 7 karaNas
तितिल n. titila sesamum cake
टिटिल n. TiTila large number
तितिल n. titila bowl or bucket
तितिरि titiri partridge
तिटिभ tiTibha particular high number
तितिभ m. titibha cochineal
तितिक्षा f. titikSA forbearance
तितिक्षा f. titikSA endurance
तितिक्षा f. titikSA patience
तितिक्ष m. titikSa above
तितिक्षु adj. titikSu forbearing
तितिक्षु adj. titikSu enduring patiently
तितिक्षु adj. titikSu enduring
तितिक्षु adj. titikSu bearing
तितिक्षु adj. titikSu patient
तितीर्षा f. titIrSA desire of crossing
तितीर्षा f. titIrSA desire of final emancipation
तितीर्षु adj. titIrSu desirous of crossing
तितीर्षु adj. titIrSu desirous of final emancipation
तिथिपति m. tithipati regent of a lunar day
तितिक्षते verb caus. titikSate { tij } bear with firmness
तितिक्षते verb caus. titikSate { tij } suffer with courage or patience
तितिक्षते verb desid. titikSate { tij } endure
तितिक्षते verb Desid. titikSate { tij } desire to become sharp or firm
तितिक्षते verb desid. titikSate { tij } endure patiently
तितिक्षित adj. titikSita endured
तितिक्षित adj. titikSita patient
तितीर्षति verb Desid. titIrSati { tRR } wish to cross or reach by crossing
तिथिक्षय m. tithikSaya day of new moon
तिथिप्रणी f. tithipraNI moon
तिथिप्रणी f. tithipraNI tithi-leader
टिटीकिषते verb caus. Desid. TiTIkiSate { TIk } wish to explain
तिथिदेवता f. tithidevatA deity of a lunar day
तिथिपालन n. tithipAlana observance of the rites appointed for the several lunar days
तिथिपत्त्री f. tithipattrI almanac
तिथिनिर्णय m. tithinirNaya disquisition on tithis
तिथिप्रलय m. tithipralaya difference between solar and lunar days in any particular period
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