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निखिलेन adj. nikhilena totally
निरवशेषतस् ind. niravazeSatas totally
निरवशेषेण ind. niravazeSeNa totally
निःशेषभग्न adj. niHzeSabhagna totally broken
प्रतिवीततम adj. prativItatama totally covered
निःशेषयति verb niHzeSayati { niHzeSaya } destroy totally
राराध्यते verb Intens. rArAdhyate { rAdh } totally satisfy
राराद्धि verb Intens. rArAddhi { rAdh } totally satisfy
निःशेषमुषित adj. niHzeSamuSita totally robbed out
निगिरति verb nigirati { nigRR } totally appropriate
निगिलति verb nigilati { nigRR } totally appropriate
तेजोमूर्ति adj. tejomUrti consisting totally of light
परिशून्य adj. parizUnya totally free from or devoid of
तत्पर adj. tatpara totally devoted or addicted to
लालस adj. lAlasa devoted or totally given up to
नारीमय adj. nArImaya consisting only or totally of women
वैयग्र n. vaiyagra being totally absorbed or wholly engaged
निःशेषित adj. niHzeSita totally consumed or finished or destroy. ed
कलिकापूर्व n. kalikApUrva unforeseen event partly resulting from an act and leading to totally unforeseen consequences
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