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इदं भोजनं न स्पृश्यमानम् sent. idaM bhojanaM na spRzyamAnam This food has not being touched
अवलीढ adj. avalIDha touched
आलब्ध adj. Alabdha touched
परिमृष्ट adj. parimRSTa touched
स्पृष्ट adj. spRSTa touched
परामृष्ट adj. parAmRSTa touched
अभिमृष्ट adj. abhimRSTa touched
संस्पृष्ट adj. saMspRSTa touched
अवधूत adj. avadhUta touched
निहत adj. nihata touched
उपस्पृष्ट adj. upaspRSTa touched
प्रत्यभिमृष्ट adj. pratyabhimRSTa touched
हत adj. hata touched
घट्टित adj. ghaTTita touched
लुलित adj. lulita touched by
परामृश्यते verb pass. parAmRzyate { parAmRz } be touched
अर्धस्पृष्ट adj. ardhaspRSTa half-touched
अभिनिहित adj. abhinihita touched with
नेमस्पृष्ट adj. nemaspRSTa half touched
अर्धस्पृष्ट adj. ardhaspRSTa half-touched
स्पर्शनीय adj. sparzanIya to be touched
उन्मृश्य adj. unmRzya to be touched
आलम्भनीय adj. AlambhanIya to be touched
स्पृष्टमात्र adj. spRSTamAtra merely touched
व्यतिचुम्बित adj. vyaticumbita touched closely
श्वस्पृष्ट adj. zvaspRSTa touched by a dog
शङ्कास्पृष्ट adj. zaGkAspRSTa touched with fear
अस्पृश्य adj. aspRzya not to be touched
न्यस्त adj. nyasta mystically touched
अभिमृष्टज adj. abhimRSTaja born from touched
गार्ध्रपृष्ट adj. gArdhrapRSTa touched by vultures
स्पृष्टिन् adj. spRSTin one who has touched
अभिलुलित adj. abhilulita touched or grazed by
उपघ्रात adj. upaghrAta touched by the mouth
स्पृश्य adj. spRzya to be touched or felt
अनवमृश्य adj. anavamRzya not fit to be touched
आश्पृश्य ind. AzpRzya having touched softly
अलङ्घित adj. alaGghita not reached or touched
प्राप्यकारिन् adj. prApyakArin effective when touched
अवमर्शित adj. avamarzita touched i.e. disturbed
मर्दनीय adj. mardanIya to be rubbed or touched
स्पार्शन adj. spArzana what is touched or felt
स्प्रष्टव्य adj. spraSTavya to be touched or handled
आस्पृष्ट adj. AspRSTa touched softly or gently
चुम्बित adj. cumbita touched closely or softly
अन्वारभ्य adj. anvArabhya to be touched from behind
द्रुति f. druti being softened or touched
आलभ्य ind. Alabhya having grasped or touched
आक्लिन्न adj. Aklinna wet i.e. touched with pity
अस्पृष्ट adj. aspRSTa not touched or referred to
निरङ्गुष्ठ adj. niraGguSTha not touched with the thumb
सुरासंस्पृष्ट adj. surAsaMspRSTa touched by alcoholic liquor [affected]
परिघट्टित adj. parighaTTita touched or rubbed repeatedly
इत्युन्मृश्य adj. ityunmRzya to be touched in this manner
शवस्पृश् adj. zavaspRz one who has touched a corpse
सुरासंस्पृष्ट adj. surAsaMspRSTa touched by spirituous liquor
प्रतिविध्यते verb pass. pratividhyate { prativyadh } be touched upon or discussed
दुष्प्रधर्ष adj. duSpradharSa not to be assailed or touched
सुदुःस्पर्श adj. suduHsparza very unpleasant to be touched
परामर्श m. parAmarza referring or pointing touched
विहत adj. vihata struck or touched or visited by
उपस्पृश्य ind. upaspRzya having touched or sipping water
परिमृश्यते verb pass. parimRzyate { parimRz } be touched i.e. fanned by the wind
स्पृश्यते verb pass. spRzyate { spRz } be touched or seized or affected by
दुःस्पृश adj. duHspRza difficult or unpleasant to be touched
सुदुःस्पर्श adj. suduHsparza very unpleasant to be touched or felt
परिचुम्बित adj. paricumbita kissed passionately or touched closely
अपरामृष्ट adj. aparAmRSTa not touched by or come into contact with
अस्पृष्ट adj. aspRSTa not touched by the organs of articulation
दुरालम्भ adj. durAlambha difficult or unfit to be touched or handled
दुःस्पर्श adj. duHsparza difficult to be touched or unpleasant to the touch
ब्रह्माङ्गभू adj. brahmAGgabhU one who has touched the several parts of his body during the repetition of mantras
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