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उपदंश m. upadaMza sexually transmitted disease [med.]
सञ्चारिन् adj. saJcArin transmitted
सञ्चारित adj. saJcArita transmitted
सम्प्रदत्त adj. sampradatta transmitted
सकरणक adj. sakaraNaka transmitted by means of an organ
पुत्रपौत्रीण adj. putrapautrINa transmitted to sons and grandsons
सञ्चारणीय adj. saJcAraNIya to be transmitted or transferred to
सम्प्रदातव्य adj. sampradAtavya to be given or delivered over or transmitted
श्रुत adj. zruta orally transmitted or communicated from age to age
श्रुततस् ind. zrutatas with regard to orally transmitted knowledge or tradition
सम्प्रदाय m. sampradAya established doctrine transmitted from one teacher to another
श्रुत n. zruta knowledge as heard by holy men and transmitted from generation to generation
श्रुति f. zruti sacred knowledge orally transmitted by the Brahmans from generation to generation
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