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त्रयी f. trayI three Vedas taken collectively
त्रयीदेह m. trayIdeha sun
त्रयीदेह m. trayIdeha having the 3 Vedas for a body
त्रयीमय adj. trayImaya consisting of or containing or resting on the 3 Vedas
त्रयीतनु m. trayItanu ziva
त्रयीविद adj. trayIvida knowing the triple science
त्रयीमुख m. trayImukha brahman
त्रयीमुख m. trayImukha having the 3 Vedas in his mouth
त्रयीभाष्य n. trayIbhASya commentary on the 3 Vedas
त्रयीधर्म m. trayIdharma duty enjoined by the 3 Vedas
त्रयीनिष्कर्ष m. trayIniSkarSa extract or essence of the three Vedas
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