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त्रिकोण m. trikoNa triangle
ग्रैव त्रिकोण n. graiva trikoNa cervical triangles [Anat.]
मूषा-त्रिकोण n. mUSA-trikoNa crucible triangles
प्र उगचिति f. pra ugaciti arrangement in the forepart of a triangle
प्र उगचित् adj. pra ugacit piled up or arranged in the form of a triangle
त्रिशृङ्ग m. trizRGga triangle
त्रिभुज n. tribhuja triangle
त्र्यश्र n. tryazra triangle
प्र उग n. pra uga triangle
त्रिकोणक n. trikoNaka triangle
विषमत्रिभुज m. viSamatribhuja scalene triangle
द्विसमत्रिभुज m. dvisamatribhuja isosceles triangle [Geom.]
भुज m. bhuja base of a triangle
समत्रिभुज m. samatribhuja equilateral triangle
अन्तर्लम्ब m. antarlamba acute-angled triangle
बहिर्लम्बा f. bahirlambA obtuse-angular triangle
श्रव m. zrava hypotenuse of a triangle
उच्छ्रिति f. ucchriti upright side of a triangle
उच्छ्रय m. ucchraya upright side of a triangle
उच्चय m. uccaya opposite side of a triangle
वदन n. vadana summit or apex of a triangle
दोस् n. dos side of a triangle or square
शृङ्गाट m.n. zRGgATa triangle or a triangular place
द्विसमत्रिभुज m. dvisamatribhuja isosceles quadrangle or triangle
सन्धि m. sandhi common side of a double triangle
द्विसमचतुरश्र m. dvisamacaturazra isosceles quadrangle or triangle
आबाधा f. AbAdhA segment of the base of a triangle
अबधा f. abadhA segment of the basis of a triangle
तोरण n. toraNa triangle supporting a large balance
विषमकर्ण m. viSamakarNa hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle
भेद m. bheda hypothenuse of a right-angled triangle
मही f. mahI base of a triangle or other plane figure
शुद्धकोटि f. zuddhakoTi one of the sides of a right-angled triangle
कोटिजीवा f. koTijIvA cosine of an angle in a right-angled triangle
कोटि f. koTi perpendicular side of a right-angled triangle
अन्तर्लम्ब m. antarlamba triangle in which the perpendicular falls within
कु f. ku ground or base of a triangle or other plane figure
श्रुति f. zruti diagonal of a tetragon or hypothenuse of a triangle
कर्ण m. karNa hypothenuse of a triangle or the diagonal of a tetragon
सूचि f. sUci triangle formed by extending sides of a trapezium till they meet
स्वस्तिक m. svastika particular symbol made of ground rice and formed like a triangle
सूचि f. sUci triangle formed by the sides of a trapezium produced till they meet
सूची f. sUcI triangle formed by the sides of a trapezium produced till they meet
सम्पाट m. sampATa intersection of the prolonged side of a triangle by a perpendicular
अक्षकर्ण m. akSakarNa hypotenuse of the triangle formed with the gnomon of a dial and its shadow
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