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अप्रतिकर adj. apratikara trusted
विश्वसित adj. vizvasita trusted
विश्वस्त adj. vizvasta trusted
आप्त adj. Apta trusted
विश्रब्ध adj. vizrabdha trusted
अविश्वस्त adj. avizvasta not trusted
श्रद्धेय adj. zraddheya to be trusted
अविश्वसनीय adj. avizvasanIya not to be trusted
श्रद्धित adj. zraddhita trusted in or relied on
विश्वासयोग्य adj. vizvAsayogya worthy of being trusted
विश्रम्भितव्य n. vizrambhitavya it should be trusted in
विश्वसनीय adj. vizvasanIya to be trusted or relied on
विश्वास्य adj. vizvAsya to be trusted or confided in
स्थिरवाच् adj. sthiravAc one whose word may be trusted
गृह्य adj. gRhya to be adopted or trusted or relied on
अग्राह्य adj. agrAhya not to be conceived or perceived or obtained or admitted or trusted
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