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विमर्शिन् adj. vimarzin trying
परीक्षक adj. parIkSaka trying
परीक्षण n. parIkSaNa trying
चिचरिषु adj. cicariSu trying to go
कृतघातयत्न adj. kRtaghAtayatna trying to kill
आजि m. Aji trying or desiring to win
निर्यियासु adj. niryiyAsu wishing or trying to go out
सुस्मूर्षमाण adj. susmUrSamANa wishing or trying to recollect
परिविवदिषु adj. parivivadiSu wishing or trying to accuse others
गुरुवृत्तिपर adj. guruvRttipara trying to behave respectfully towards a Guru
उपक्रम m. upakrama trying the fidelity of a counsellor or friend
अनुत्पत्तिसम adj. anutpattisama arguing against a thing by trying to show that nothing exists from which it could spring [Phil.]
अनुपलब्धिसम m.f. anupalabdhisama trying to establish a fact, e.g. the reality and eternity of sound, from the impossibility of perceiving the non perception of it , sophistical argument
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