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बन्धन n. bandhana tying
मू adj. mU tying
ग्रथना f. grathanA tying
नाह m. nAha tying
निबन्ध m. nibandha tying
बन्ध m. bandha tying
सङ्कोच m. saGkoca tying
श्रन्थ m. zrantha tying
ग्रन्थ m. grantha tying
निबन्धन n. nibandhana tying
यमन n. yamana tying
आवेष्टन n. AveSTana tying
श्रन्थन n. zranthana tying
आलान n. AlAna tying
ग्रथन n. grathana tying
श्रथन n. zrathana tying
कलन m. kalana tying on
संनाह m. saMnAha tying up
संयम m. saMyama tying up
संयमन n. saMyamana tying up
आग्रथन n. Agrathana tying round
परिबन्धन n. paribandhana tying round
ग्रन्थिबन्धन n. granthibandhana tying a knot
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha tying together
उद्वेष्ट m. udveSTa tying together
उद्वेष्टन n. udveSTana tying together
सङ्ग्रन्थन n. saGgranthana tying together
सङ्ग्रथन n. saGgrathana tying together
बर्सनद्धि f. barsanaddhi tying of a knot
रज्जुबन्ध m. rajjubandha tying with cords
परिवेष्टना f. pariveSTanA tying round or up
आमोक m. Amoka putting or tying on
निर्योग m. niryoga rope for tying cows
आमोचन n. Amocana putting or tying on
साम्नी f. sAmnI rope for tying cattle
बन्धनग्रन्थि m. bandhanagranthi rope for tying cattle
वण्ठर m. vaNThara rope for tying a goat
नियोग m. niyoga tying or fastening to
निर्याण n. niryANa rope for tying cattle
मू f. mU act of binding or tying
बन्धनरज्जु f. bandhanarajju rope or string for tying
पुनर्बन्धयोग m. punarbandhayoga tying or fettering again
सत्यग्रन्थिन् adj. satyagranthin binding or tying securely
नियोजन n. niyojana act of tying or fastening
वारि f. vAri rope for tying an elephant
चलन n. calana rope for tying an elephant
संसक्ति f. saMsakti tying or fastening together
आमोक्षण n. AmokSaNa fastening or tying on or to
संनहन n. saMnahana tying or stringing together
आबन्धन n. Abandhana tying or binding on or round
ग्रन्थन n. granthana tying or connecting together
सामनी f. sAmanI rope or cord for tying cattle
गुम्फ m. gumpha tying or stringing as a garland
पार m. pAra rope for tying an elephant's feet
सोमोपनहन n. somopanahana cloth for tying up the soma plant
योक्त्र n. yoktra any instrument for tying or fastening
वारि f. vAri place for tying or catching an elephant
सङ्ग्रथन n. saGgrathana repairing or restoring by tying together
ग्रन्थिबन्धन n. granthibandhana tying together the garments of the bride and bridegroom at the marriage ceremony
नीवि f. nIvi band or cord for tying together folded kuza-grass in making offerings at the funeral rites of a zUdra
सङ्ख्यामङ्गलग्रन्थि m. saGkhyAmaGgalagranthi auspicious ceremony of tying knots in a thread corresponding to the number of the past years of one's life
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