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उच्चारण n. uccAraNa articulation [speech]
उच्चारणं करोति verb uccAraNaM karoti { kR } pronounce
उच्चारण n. uccAraNa utterance
उच्चरण n. uccaraNa going up or out
उच्चरण n. uccaraNa uttering
उच्चरण n. uccaraNa going out
उच्चारण n. uccAraNa pronunciation
उच्चरण n. uccaraNa articulating
उच्चरण n. uccaraNa going up
उच्चारण n. uccAraNa enunciation
उच्चारण n. uccAraNa making audible
उच्छारण n. ucchAraNa recitation
उच्चारणज्ञ m. uccAraNajJa linguist
उच्चारणज्ञ m. uccAraNajJa one skilled in utterances or sounds
उच्चारणार्थ adj. uccAraNArtha necessary for pronunciation
उच्चारणार्थ adj. uccAraNArtha a redundant letter
उच्चारणार्थ adj. uccAraNArtha useful for pronunciation
उच्चारणस्थान n. uccAraNasthAna part of the throat whence certain sounds proceed
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