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उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa left
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa one who has not washed his hands and mouth and therefore is considered impure
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa rejected
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa impure
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa stale
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa spit out of the mouth
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa one who has still the remains of food in the mouth or hands
उच्छिष्ट n. ucchiSTa fragments
उच्छिष्ट n. ucchiSTa remainder
उच्छिष्ट n. ucchiSTa that which is spit out
उच्छिष्ट n. ucchiSTa leavings
उच्छिष्टता f. ucchiSTatA being left
उच्छिष्टता f. ucchiSTatA state of being a remnant or remainder
उच्छिष्टान्न n. ucchiSTAnna leavings
उच्छिष्टान्न n. ucchiSTAnna offal
उच्छिष्टत्व n. ucchiSTatva being left
उच्छिष्टत्व n. ucchiSTatva state of being a remnant or remainder
उच्छिष्टभाज् adj. ucchiSTabhAj receiving the remainder
उच्छिष्टाशन n. ucchiSTAzana eating leavings
उच्छिष्टभोजिन् adj. ucchiSTabhojin wax
उच्छिष्टभोक्तृ adj. ucchiSTabhoktR one who eats leavings
उच्छिष्टभोक्तृ adj. ucchiSTabhoktR a mean person
उच्छिष्टगणेश m. ucchiSTagaNeza gaNeza as worshipped by the ucchiSTas
उच्छिष्टमोदन n. ucchiSTamodana wax
उच्छिष्टभोजन m. ucchiSTabhojana attendant upon an idol
उच्छिष्टभोजन m. ucchiSTabhojana one who eats another's leavings
उच्छिष्टभोजन n. ucchiSTabhojana eating the leavings of another man
उच्छिष्टकल्पना f. ucchiSTakalpanA stale invention
उच्छिष्टगणपति m. ucchiSTagaNapati gaNeza as worshipped by the ucchiSTas
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