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ताम्र उदजारेय n. tAmra udajAreya copper hydroxide
पैठिक-उदजारेय n. paiThika-udajAreya basic hydroxide [Chem.]
उदज adj. udaja aquatic
उदज adj. udaja watery
उदज adj. udaja produced in or by water
उदाज m. udAja leading out
उदाज m. udAja marching out
उदज m. udaja driving out or forth [of cattle etc]
उदाज m. udAja
उदज n. udaja lotus
उदजते verb udajate { udaj } fetch out of
उदजते verb udajate { udaj } drive out
उदजते verb udajate { udaj } expel
उदाजति verb udAjati { udAj } drive towards
उदजति verb udajati { udaj } drive out
उदजति verb udajati { udaj } expel
उदजति verb udajati { udaj } fetch out of
उदजिन adj. udajina one who has passed beyond a skin
उदाजनते verb udAjanate { udAjan } arise from
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