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उद्योग m. udyoga job
उद्योग m. udyoga industry
उद्योगपति m. udyogapati industrialist
उद्योगसंस्था f. udyogasaMsthA firm
रासायनिक उद्योग m. rAsAyanika udyoga chemical industry
यन्त्राकारे उद्योगः sent. yantrAkAre udyogaH I work in a factory.
इदानीं कुत्र उद्योगः? sent. idAnIM kutra udyogaH? Where do you work now?
भवत्याः उद्योगः लब्धः f. bhavatyAH udyogaH labdhaH You got a job. [you (fem.)]
भवान् किं (उद्योगं) करोति? sent. bhavAn kiM (udyogaM) karoti? What do you do? (masc.)
भवती किं (उद्योगं) करोति? sent. bhavatI kiM (udyogaM) karoti? What do you do? (fem.)
कुत्र उद्योगं करोति भवती ? sent. kutra udyogaM karoti bhavatI ? Where do you (fem.) work?
उद्योग m. udyoga employment
उद्योग m. udyoga exertion
उद्योग m. udyoga application
उद्योग m. udyoga profession
उद्योग m. udyoga perseverance
उद्योग m. udyoga strenuous and continuous endeavour
उद्योग m. udyoga zeal
उद्योग m. udyoga duty
उद्योग m. udyoga active preparation
उद्योग m. udyoga act of undertaking anything
उद्योगस्थ m. udyogastha one who is employed
उद्योगपर्वन् n. udyogaparvan section of the fifth book of the rAmAyaNa
उद्योगस्ंस्था f. udyogasMsthA company
उद्योगसमर्थ adj. udyogasamartha capable of exertion