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उक्षन् adj. ukSan large
उक्षन् m. ukSan ox or bull
उक्षन् m. ukSan one of the eight chief medicaments
उक्षाण m. ukSANa bull
उक्षण n. ukSaNa sprinkling
उक्षण n. ukSaNa consecrating
उक्षान्न adj. ukSAnna one whose food is oxen
उक्षण्यु adj. ukSaNyu wishing for bulls
उक्षण्यु adj. ukSaNyu desirous of one who pours down riches
उक्षण्यति verb ukSaNyati { ukSaNya } wish for bulls
उक्षण्यति verb ukSaNyati { ukSaNya } desire for someone who would bestow riches
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