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व्रण m. vraNa ulcer
उत्सङ्गिन् m. utsaGgin ulcer
पाक m. pAka ulcer
नाडीव्रण m. n. nADIvraNa ulcer
पूयक्षत n. pUyakSata ulcer
पूयव्रण n. pUyavraNa ulcer
अन्तःपूय adj. antaHpUya ulcerous
उपहत adj. upahata ulcerated
व्रणित adj. vraNita ulcerated
सक्षत adj. sakSata ulcerated
सव्रण adj. savraNa ulcerated
पूयत्रणिन् adj. pUyatraNin ulcerated
व्रणिन् adj. vraNin ulcerated
पूतिव्रण n. pUtivraNa foul ulcer
रक्तपिटिका f. raktapiTikA red boil or ulcer
शारीरव्रण m. zArIravraNa bodily ulcer or tumour
व्रणायाम m. vraNAyAma pain of a sore or ulcer
व्रणवस्तु n. vraNavastu part liable to ulcerate
वृषणकच्छू f. vRSaNakacchU ulceration of the scrotum
पादस्फोट m. pAdasphoTa sore or ulcer on the foot
व्रणयित adj. vraNayita becoming sore or ulcerated
सर्वसर m. sarvasara kind of ulcer in the mouth
पाटनक्रिया f. pATanakriyA lancing an abscess or ulcer
पोथकी f. pothakI kind of ulcer on the eyelids
पोथकि f. pothaki kind of ulcer on the eyelids
अलस m. alasa sore or ulcer between the toes
व्रणास्राव m. vraNAsrAva discharge from wounds or ulcers
उत्सङ्ग m. utsaGga bottom or deep part of an ulcer
पूय m. pUya discharge from an ulcer or wound
सार m. sAra matter formed in a boil or ulcer
व्रणशोषिन् adj. vraNazoSin pining away with wounds or ulcers
विवृता f. vivRtA ulcer attended with much pain and heat
क्षत n. kSata rupture or ulcer of the respiratory organs
रक्तनाडी f. raktanADI fistulous ulcer on the gum caused by a bad state of blood
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