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उल्का f. ulkA meteor
उल्का f. ulkA firebrand
उल्का f. ulkA dry grass set on fire
उल्का f. ulkA meteorite
उल्का f. ulkA torch
उल्का f. ulkA fiery phenomenon in the sky
उल्का f. ulkA one of the eight principal dazAs or aspect of planets indicating the fate of men
उल्का f. ulkA happy chorus
उल्का f. ulkA fire falling from heaven
उल्कापात m. ulkApAta falling of meteors
उल्काचक्र n. ulkAcakra rudrayAmala
उल्काचक्र n. ulkAcakra particular position of the stars
उल्काजिह्व m. ulkAjihva fire-tongued
उल्कामालिन् m. ulkAmAlin wearing a wreath of firebrands
उल्कामुख m. ulkAmukha fire-mouthed
उल्कामुख m. ulkAmukha particular form of demon
उल्कामुखी f. ulkAmukhI fox
उल्काव्रत n. ulkAvrata particular observance to be performed on that day
उल्काधारिन् adj. ulkAdhArin a torch-bearer
उल्कानवमी f. ulkAnavamI ninth day of the light half of the month azvayuj
उल्कानिर्हत adj. ulkAnirhata struck down by a fiery meteor
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