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उल्लेख m. ullekha mention
उल्लेख m. ullekha reference
उल्लेखन adj. ullekhana making visible or clear
वापीड-ताप-आक्लेद-उल्लेखक m. vApIDa-tApa-Akleda-ullekhaka barometric pressure, temperature and humidity recorder
उल्लेखा f. ullekhA stroke
उल्लेखा f. ullekhA line
उल्लेख m. ullekha vomiting
उल्लेख m. ullekha description of an object according to the different impressions caused by its appearance
उल्लेख m. ullekha mentioning
उल्लेख m. ullekha speaking of
उल्लेख m. ullekha allusion
उल्लेख m. ullekha causing to come forth or appear clearly
उल्लेख m. ullekha description
उल्लेख m. ullekha bringing up
उल्लेख m. ullekha intuitive description
उल्लेख n. ullekha conjunction of stars in which a contact takes place
उल्लेखन adj. ullekhana delineating
उल्लेखन adj. ullekhana making lines
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana act of marking by lines or scratches
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana vomiting
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana furrowing
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana emetic
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana scratching open or up
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana mentioning
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana scraping
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana speaking of
उल्लेखन n. ullekhana bringing up
उल्लेखनीय m. ullekhanIya highlight
उल्लेखनीय m. ullekhanIya kind of clearing nut
उल्लेखयति verb caus. ullekhayati { ullikh } cause to come up
उल्लेखयति verb caus. ullekhayati { ullikh } stir up
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