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मलिन adj. malina unclean
कलुषी करोति verb kaluSI karoti { kaluSIkR } make turbid or unclean
ध्यामल adj. dhyAmala unclean
अमृष्ट adj. amRSTa unclean
रजस adj. rajasa unclean
अवधूत adj. avadhUta unclean
केपि adj. kepi unclean
ध्याम adj. dhyAma unclean
मृजाविहीन adj. mRjAvihIna unclean
अशोधित adj. azodhita unclean
असंमृष्ट adj. asaMmRSTa uncleansed
अमार्जित adj. amArjita uncleansed
अशोधित adj. azodhita uncleansed
असङ्कीर्न adj. asaGkIrna not unclean
अशौच n. azauca uncleanness
विमांस n. vimAMsa unclean meat
दल n. dala unclean gold
किट्टिम n. kiTTima unclean water
प्रतिदूषित adj. pratidUSita rendered unclean
कलुषयति verb kaluSayati { kaluSaya } make unclean or dirty
कलुषयति verb kaluSayati { kaluSAya } become turbid or unclean
त्रिमल adj. trimala affected by 3 kinds of uncleanness
अघोदक n. aghodaka daily bath during the period of uncleanness
सन्दुष्यति verb sanduSyati { saMduS } become utterly corrupt or polluted or unclean
अवधूत adj. avadhUta that upon which anything unclean has been shaken out or off
सङ्कर m. saGkara anything that may be defiled by the touch of any unclean thing
अवधूतवेष adj. avadhUtaveSa wearing unclean clothes or wearing the clothes of one who is rejected
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