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तण्डुल m. taNDula rice [dehusked & uncooked]
धान्य n. dhAnya rice with husk and uncooked
तण्डुलः धान्यतः आगच्छति sent. taNDulaH dhAnyataH Agacchati Uncooked rice comes from the grain
अन्नं तण्डुलतः आगच्छति sent. annaM taNDulataH Agacchati Cooked rice comes from uncooked rice
अशृत adj. azRta uncooked
अश्रात adj. azrAta uncooked
आमक adj. Amaka uncooked
आम adj. Ama uncooked
अपक्वाशिन् adj. apakvAzin uncooked food
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