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आशङ्का f. AzaGkA uneasiness
अभिशङ्का f. abhizaGkA uneasiness
बाधना f. bAdhanA uneasiness
उत्सुकता f. utsukatA uneasiness
व्यथा f. vyathA uneasiness
दुःखता f. duHkhatA uneasiness
उत्कण्ठा f. utkaNThA uneasiness
दुत् f. dut uneasiness
निःशम m. niHzama uneasiness
अशम m. azama uneasiness
विधुरदर्शन n. vidhuradarzana uneasiness
उत्सुकत्व n. utsukatva uneasiness
दुःख n. duHkha uneasiness
कष्ट n. kaSTa uneasiness
चित्तासुख n. cittAsukha uneasiness of mind
अनुद्वेग m. anudvega freedom from uneasiness
खिन्न adj. khinna suffering pain or uneasiness
परिक्लिष्टम् ind. parikliSTam with uneasiness or reluctance
निर्व्यलीक adj. nirvyalIka not feeling pain or uneasiness
दुःखदुःखता f. duHkhaduHkhatA uneasiness connected with pain
अन्तर्वेग m. antarvega internal uneasiness or anxiety
समुत्क्लेश m. samutkleza great uneasiness or disturbance
व्यलीक n. vyalIka any cause of pain or uneasiness
दुःखासिका f. duHkhAsikA condition of uneasiness or discomfort
अव्यलीक adj. avyalIka having no uneasiness or unpleasantness
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