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बहिरङ्ग adj. bahiraGga unessential
गुणभूत adj. guNabhUta unessential
गौण adj. gauNa unessential
अन्यथासिद्ध adj. anyathAsiddha unessential
अङ्गता f. aGgatA being unessential
अङ्गत्व n. aGgatva being unessential
गुणकर्मन् n. guNakarman unessential secondary action
अङ्गमन्त्र m. aGgamantra unessential or secondary text
अङ्ग n. aGga anything immaterial or unessential
गुण m. guNa subordinate or unessential part of any action
गुणवृत्ति f. guNavRtti secondary or unessential condition or relation
उपलक्षयते verb upalakSayate { upalakS } distinguish by a secondary or unessential mark
उपलक्षयति verb upalakSayati { upalakS } distinguish by a secondary or unessential mark
अविवक्षा f. avivakSA not declaring i.e. considering to be unessential
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