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यादृच्छिक adj. yAdRcchika unexpected
अहैतुक adj. ahaituka unexpected
अचित्त adj. acitta unexpected
अकाण्ड adj. akANDa unexpected
आकस्मिक adj. Akasmika unexpected
अकाण्ड adj. akANDa unexpected
काकतालीय adj. kAkatAlIya unexpected
अचिन्तित adj. acintita unexpected
आकालिक adj. AkAlika unexpected
अनपेक्षित adj. anapekSita unexpected
अज्ञात adj. ajJAta unexpected
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unexpected
अतर्कित adj. atarkita unexpected
अशङ्कित adj. azaGkita unexpectedly
सहसा adverb sahasA unexpectedly
अतर्कितम् ind. atarkitam unexpectedly
काकतालीयवत् ind. kAkatAlIyavat unexpectedly
आपाततस् ind. ApAtatas unexpectedly
अकाण्डे ind. akANDe unexpectedly
काकतालीयम् ind. kAkatAlIyam unexpectedly
यदृच्छया indecl. yadRcchayA unexpectedly
अशङ्कितम् indecl. azaGkitam unexpectedly
संसर्पण n. saMsarpaNa unexpected attack
अतर्कितोपपन्न adj. atarkitopapanna occurred unexpectedly
उत्पात m. utpAta unexpected appearance
अद्भुत n. adbhuta unexpected occurrence
आपतन n. Apatana unexpected appearance
वनेबिल्वक m. vanebilvaka anything found unexpectedly
वनेकिंशुक m. vanekiMzuka anything found unexpectedly
उपनिपात m. upanipAta sudden and unexpected attack
घुणाक्षरन्याय m. ghuNAkSaranyAya fortuitous and unexpected manner
अवतार m. avatAra any new and unexpected appearance ;
अनभ्रवृष्टि f. anabhravRSTi any unexpected acquisition or advantage
कामग m. kAmaga one who comes accidentally or unexpectedly
पूर्वरूप n. pUrvarUpa figure of speech which describes the unexpected return of anything to its former state
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