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उन्मार्ग adj. unmArga going astray
उन्मार्ग adj. unmArga going wrong
उन्मार्ग adj. unmArga taking a wrong way
उन्मार्ग adj. unmArga going wrong or astray
उन्मार्ग adj. unmArga overflowing
उन्मार्ग m. unmArga deviation from the right way
उन्मार्ग m. unmArga wrong way
उन्मार्ग m. unmArga evil way
उन्मार्गगत adj. unmArgagata going on a wrong road
उन्मार्गगत adj. unmArgagata going wrong
उन्मार्गगत adj. unmArgagata erring
उन्मार्गयात adj. unmArgayAta going on a wrong road
उन्मार्गयात adj. unmArgayAta going wrong
उन्मार्गयात adj. unmArgayAta erring
उन्मार्गगामिन् adj. unmArgagAmin going on a wrong road
उन्मार्गगामिन् adj. unmArgagAmin going wrong
उन्मार्गगामिन् adj. unmArgagAmin erring
उन्मार्गवृत्ति adj. unmArgavRtti going on a wrong road
उन्मार्गवृत्ति adj. unmArgavRtti going wrong
उन्मार्गवृत्ति adj. unmArgavRtti erring
उन्मार्गगमन n. unmArgagamana finding an outlet
उन्मार्गगमन n. unmArgagamana act of going aside
उन्मार्गवर्तिन् adj. unmArgavartin going wrong
उन्मार्गवर्तिन् adj. unmArgavartin erring
उन्मार्गवर्तिन् adj. unmArgavartin going on a wrong road
उन्मार्गजलवाहिन् adj. unmArgajalavAhin carrying water by a wrong way
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