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वण्ठ adj. vaNTha unmarried
अनग्नि adj. anagni unmarried
अपाणिग्रहण adj. apANigrahaNa unmarried
अपूर्विन् adj. apUrvin unmarried
वण्ट adj. vaNTa unmarried
निरूढ adj. nirUDha unmarried
अग्रु m. agru unmarried
वण्ट m. vaNTa unmarried man
अनूढ m. anUDha unmarried man
वण्ठ m. vaNTha unmarried man
अप्रौढा f. aprauDhA unmarried girl
निवरा f. nivarA unmarried girl
अदत्ता f. adattA unmarried girl
कन्यका f. kanyakA unmarried girl
अनूढा f. anUDhA unmarried woman
अभर्तृका f. abhartRkA unmarried woman
अपरिणीता f. apariNItA unmarried woman
अविवाहिता f. avivAhitA unmarried woman
ब्रह्मचर्यत्व n. brahmacaryatva unmarried state
परिविन्दत् m. parivindat unmarried elder brother
कन्याज m. kanyAja son of an unmarried woman
बान्धकिनेय m. bAndhakineya son of an unmarried woman
कन्यकाजात m. kanyakAjAta son of an unmarried woman
कुमारीपुत्र m. kumArIputra child of an unmarried woman
कन्यासमुद्भव adj. kanyAsamudbhava born from an unmarried woman
शण्ठ m. zaNTha unmarried or an impotent man
अनूढाभ्रातृ m. anUDhAbhrAtR brother of an unmarried woman
पितृषद् adj. pitRSad living unmarried with a father
अनूढागमन n. anUDhAgamana going after an unmarried woman
कन्यापुत्र m. kanyAputra offspring of an unmarried woman
कन्यागर्भ m. kanyAgarbha offspring of an unmarried woman
अपति f. apati either an unmarried person or a widow
ब्रह्मचर्य n. brahmacarya state of an unmarried religious student
ब्रह्मचर्याश्रम m. brahmacaryAzrama period of unmarried religious studentship
शूलिक m. zUlika son of a kSatriya and an unmarried zUdra woman
ब्रह्मचारिन् adj. brahmacArin practising sacred study as an unmarried student
ब्रह्मचर्यवत् adj. brahmacaryavat leading the life of an unmarried religious student
पारिवित्त्य n. pArivittya being unmarried while a younger brother is married
अग्रेदधिषु f. agredadhiSu married woman whose elder sister is still unmarried
अग्रेदधुस् f. agredadhus married woman whose elder sister is still unmarried
अग्रेदिधिषु f. agredidhiSu married woman whose elder sister is still unmarried
परिवित्ति m. parivitti unmarried elder brother whose younger brother is married
परस्त्री f. parastrI wife of another or an unmarried woman depending on another
स्ववासिनी f. svavAsinI woman whether married or unmarried who continues to dwell after maturity in her father's house
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