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उन्मुखम् indecl. ad unmukham upward
उन्मुख adj. unmukha looking up or at
उन्मुख adj. unmukha near to
उन्मुख adj. unmukha raising the face
उन्मुख adj. unmukha about to
उन्मुख adj. unmukha ready
उन्मुख adj. unmukha erect
उन्मुख adj. unmukha waiting for
उन्मुख adj. unmukha expecting
उन्मुखर adj. unmukhara noisy
उन्मुखर adj. unmukhara loud sounding
उन्मुखता f. unmukhatA state of having the face raised
उन्मुखता f. unmukhatA state of watching or expectancy
उन्मुखदर्शन n. unmukhadarzana looking at with upraised face or with eager expectation
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