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उपादि m. upAdi degree
उपाधि m. upAdhi byname
उपाधि m. upAdhi appearance
उपाधि m. upAdhi substitution
उपाधि m. upAdhi title
उपाधि m. upAdhi peculiarity
उपाधि m. upAdhi honorable title (such as sir, madam)
उपदीका f. upadIkA ant
उपदिय adj. upadiya acceptable
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa instructed
उपदिशति verb 6 upadizati { upa- diz } propose
उपदिशति verb 6 upadizati { upa- diz } train
उपदिशति verb 6 Par upadizati { upa- diz } teach
उपाधिपत्र n. upAdhipatra diploma
उपदिपयति verb caus. upadipayati { upa- dIp } set on fire
उपदिपयति verb caus. upadipayati { upa- dIp } inflame
उपाधि-उत्सादन n. upAdhi-utsAdana abolition of titles
उपदी f. upadI parasitical plant
उपादि m. upAdi circumstance
उपाधि m. upAdhi aim
उपधि m. upadhi addition
उपाधि m. upAdhi qualification
उपाधि m. upAdhi substitute
उपधि m. upadhi peculiarity
उपाधि m. upAdhi deception
उपाधि m. upAdhi anything defining more closely
उपाधि m. upAdhi reflection on duty
उपधि m. upadhi part of the wheel between the nave and the circumference
उपाधि m. upAdhi qualifying term added to a too general middle term to prevent ativyApti
उपाधि m. upAdhi that which is put in the place of another thing
उपधि m. upadhi attribute
उपाधि m. upAdhi deceit
उपाधि m. upAdhi attribute
उपाधि m. upAdhi virtuous reflection
उपधि m. upadhi fraud
उपाधि m. upAdhi that which is placed under
उपाधि m. upAdhi condition
उपाधि m. upAdhi anything which may be taken for or has the mere name or appearance of another thing
उपाधि m. upAdhi nickname
उपधि m. upadhi support
उपाधि m. upAdhi species
उपधि m. upadhi act of putting to
उपाधि m. upAdhi discriminative appellation
उपाधि m. upAdhi man who is careful to support his family
उपधि m. upadhi circumvention
उपाधि m. upAdhi supposition
उपाधि m. upAdhi phantom
उपधि m. upadhi one of the requisites for the equipment of a jaina ascetic
उपाधि m. upAdhi point of view
उपधि m. upadhi adding
उपाधि m. upAdhi limitation
उपधि m. upadhi condition
उपाधि m. upAdhi postulate
उपाधि m. upAdhi disguise
उपदिश् adj. upadiz pointing out to
उपदिश् adj. upadiz showing
उपदिश् f. upadiz intermediate region or point of the compass
उपादिक m. upAdika kind of insect
उपाधिक adj. upAdhika supernumerary
उपाधिक adj. upAdhika exceeding
उपधिक m. upadhika knave
उपधिक m. upadhika cheat
उपादीप्त adj. upAdIpta flaming
उपादीप्त adj. upAdIpta blazing
उपदिष्ट adj. upadiSTa initiated
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa specified
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa prescribed
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa particularized
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa commanded
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa taught
उपदिष्ट adj. ppp. upadiSTa mentioned
उपदिष्ट n. upadiSTa counsel
उपदिष्ट n. upadiSTa advice
उपदिष्ट n. upadiSTa persuasive speech in conformity with the prescribed rules
उपादित्सा f. upAditsA wish or readiness to accept
उपदिशम् ind. upadizam in an intermediate region
उपदिशम् ind. upadizam between two regions
उपदिश्य ind. upadizya teaching
उपदिश्य ind. upadizya having indicated or taught
उपदिश्य ind. upadizya indicating
उपाधितस् ind. upAdhitas in consequence of any qualification or condition
उपदिग्ध adj. upadigdha fat
उपदिग्ध adj. upadigdha smeared
उपदिग्ध adj. upadigdha covered
उपदीकृत adj. upadIkRta offered as a present
उपदीक्षिन् adj. upadIkSin one who has been initiated in addition to
उपदीक्ष्य ind. upadIkSya having initiated in addition to
उपदीयते verb pass. upadIyate { upadA } be offered or granted
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } call
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } mention
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } point out to
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } command
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } instruct
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } exhibit
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } indicate
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } dictate
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } teach
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } speak of
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } specify
उपदिशते verb upadizate { upadiz } govern
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