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उपपथ m. upapatha lane
उपपत्ति f. upapatti demonstrated conclusion
उपपत्ति f. upapatti cause
उपपत्ति f. upapatti ascertained conclusion
उपपत्ति f. upapatti argument
उपपत्ति f. upapatti reason
उपपत्ति f. upapatti justification
उपपत्ति f. upapatti evidence
उपपत्ति f. upapatti substantiation
उपपत्ति f. upapatti proof
उपपत्ति f. upapatti ground [Law]
उपफल n. upaphala by-product [byproduct]
उपपद्यते verb 4 upapadyate { upa- pad } proceed toward something
उपपद्यते verb 4 upapadyate { upa- pad } occur
उपपर्चन n. upaparcana mating
उपपर्चन n. upaparcana copulation
उपाप m. upApa act of obtaining
उपाप m. upApa acquirement
उपपद् f. upapad taking place
उपपद् f. upapad act of happening
उपपद् f. upapad occurring
उपपाद m. upapAda effecting
उपपाद m. upapAda accomplishing
उपपाद m. upapAda happening
उपपद n. upapada word standing near or accompanying another to which it is subordinate
उपपद n. upapada bit
उपपद n. upapada little
उपपात m. upapAta occurrence
उपपात m. upapAta misfortune
उपपात m. upapAta accident
उपपति m. upapati paramour
उपपति m. upapati gallant
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya to be effected
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya to be effected or done
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya to be shown or proved
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya coming into existence
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya being produced
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya to be shown
उपपाद्य adj. upapAdya to be proved
उपपक्ष m. upapakSa armpit
उपपन्न adj. upapanna endowed with
उपपन्न adj. upapanna one who has obtained or reached on
उपपन्न adj. upapanna conformable
उपपन्न adj. upapanna produced
उपपन्न adj. upapanna fit
उपपन्न adj. upapanna possessed of
उपपन्न adj. upapanna reached
उपपन्न adj. upapanna effected
उपपन्न adj. upapanna proper
उपपन्न adj. upapanna obtained
उपपन्न adj. upapanna furnished with
उपपन्न adj. upapanna gained
उपपन्न adj. upapanna existing
उपपन्न adj. upapanna one who has approached a teacher
उपपन्न adj. upapanna provided
उपपन्न adj. upapanna secured
उपपन्न adj. upapanna suited for the occasion
उपपन्न adj. upapanna happened
उपपन्न adj. upapanna being near at hand
उपपन्न adj. upapanna one who has approached for protection
उपपन्न adj. upapanna adequate
उपपन्न adj. upapanna fallen to one's share
उपपन्न ppp. upapanna having come to
उपपन्न ppp. upapanna approached
उपपन्न ppp. upapanna provided with
उपपथ m. upapatha appendix
उपपातिन् adj. upapAtin falling to
उपपातिन् adj. upapAtin hastening towards
उपपात्र n. upapAtra subsidiary vessel
उपपत्ति f. upapatti birth
उपपत्ति f. upapatti ascertained or demonstrated conclusion
उपपत्ति f. upapatti occurring
उपपत्ति f. upapatti connection
उपपत्ति f. upapatti effecting
उपपत्ति f. upapatti use
उपपत्ति f. upapatti fitness
उपपत्ति f. upapatti becoming visible
उपपत्ति f. upapatti possession
उपपत्ति f. upapatti accomplishing
उपपत्ति f. upapatti employment
उपपत्ति f. upapatti propriety
उपपत्ति f. upapatti appearing
उपपत्ति f. upapatti religious abstraction
उपपत्ति f. upapatti proving right
उपपत्ति f. upapatti possibility
उपपत्ति f. upapatti taking place
उपपत्ति f. upapatti origin
उपपत्ति f. upapatti resulting
उपपत्ति f. upapatti happening
उपपत्ति f. upapatti association
उपपत्ति f. upapatti production
उपपादक adj. upapAdaka making visible
उपपादक adj. upapAdaka well reasoned
उपपादक adj. upapAdaka causing to occur or happen
उपपादक adj. upapAdaka producing
उपपादक adj. upapAdaka effecting
उपपादन n. upapAdana presenting
उपपादन n. upapAdana bringing near
उपपादन n. upapAdana giving
उपपादन n. upapAdana act of causing to appear
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