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उपरत ppp. uparata ceased
उपरत ppp. uparata deceased
उपरत adj. uparata ceasing to exist
उपारत adj. upArata giving up
उपरत adj. uparata given up
उपरत adj. uparata stopped
उपारत adj. upArata ceasing
उपरत adj. uparata disappeared
उपारत adj. upArata free from
उपरत adj. uparata quiet
उपारत adj. upArata turning back
उपरत adj. uparata non-existing
उपारत adj. upArata resting
उपरत adj. uparata indifferent
उपारत adj. upArata returning
उपरत adj. uparata withdrawn or retired from
उपारत adj. upArata lying upon
उपरत adj. uparata patient
उपारत adj. upArata leaving off
उपरत adj. uparata left off
उपारत adj. upArata fixed upon
उपरत ppp. uparata dead
उपरत ppp. uparata having ceased
उपरत ppp. uparata having desisted from
उपरतारि adj. uparatAri having no foe
उपरतारि adj. uparatAri being at peace with all
उपरतारि adj. uparatAri one whose foes are quiet
उपरताति ind. uparatAti in the proximity
उपरताति ind. uparatAti a circumference
उपरतरास adj. uparatarAsa ceasing to play or dance
उपरतस्पृह adj. uparataspRha one in whom desire has ceased
उपरतस्पृह adj. uparataspRha free from desire
उपरतशोणिता f. uparatazoNitA whose menses have ceased
उपरतविषयाभिलाष adj. uparataviSayAbhilASa one whose desire after worldly things has ceased
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