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उपचार m. upacAra treatment
उपचार m. upacAra accessory
उपचार m. upacAra dispatch
उपचार m. upacAra dispatching
उपचर्या f. upacaryA waiting staff
उपचर्या f. upacaryA attendance
उपचर्या f. upacaryA service
उपचरति verb 1 upacarati { upa- car } serve
उपचरति verb 1 upacarati { upa- car } assist
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } treat [med.]
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } physic [a person]
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } help out
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } attend on [a patient]
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } accommodate [assist]
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } nurse
उपचरति verb1 upacarati { upa- car } tend
अनृतेन उपचारति verb 1 anRtena upacArati { upa- car } lie to
दक्षिणत उपचार adj. dakSiNata upacAra having the entrance on the south
उपचर adj. upacara accessory
उपचर adj. upacara supplementary
उपचार m. upacAra ceremony
उपचार m. upacAra physicking [act of healing]
उपचार m. upacAra mode of proceeding towards
उपचार m. upacAra pretence
उपचार m. upacAra request
उपचर m. upacara access
उपचार m. upacAra outward form
उपचार m. upacAra proceeding
उपचार m. upacAra attendance
उपचार m. upacAra custom or manner of speech
उपचार m. upacAra present
उपचार m. upacAra kind of sandhi
उपचार m. upacAra attendance on a patient
उपचार m. upacAra pretext
उपचार m. upacAra mode of address
उपचार m. upacAra ornament
उपचर m. upacara approach
उपचार m. upacAra act of civility
उपचार m. upacAra practice
उपचार m. upacAra figurative or metaphorical expression
उपचार m. upacAra offering
उपचार m. upacAra medical practice
उपचार m. upacAra decoration
उपचर m. upacara attendance
उपचार m. upacAra obliging or polite behaviour
उपचार m. upacAra behaviour
उपाचार m. upAcAra established use
उपचार m. upacAra metaphor
उपचार m. upacAra bribe
उपाचार m. upAcAra proceeding
उपचार m. upacAra approach
उपचार m. upacAra favourable circumstance
उपचर m. upacara cure
उपचार m. upacAra reverence
उपचार m. upacAra conduct
उपाचार m. upAcAra particular sandhi
उपचार m. upacAra figurative application
उपचार m. upacAra solicitation
उपचार m. upacAra external show
उपाचार m. upAcAra procedure
उपचार m. upacAra service
उपचार m. upacAra usage
उपचारिन् adj. upacArin serving
उपचारिन् adj. upacArin revering
उपचारिन् adj. upacArin using
उपचारिन् adj. upacArin attending upon
उपचर्म ind. upacarma near or on the skin
उपचार्य adj. upacArya to be attended upon
उपचर्य adj. upacarya having attended
उपचार्य adj. upacArya to be treated with attention
उपचर्या f. upacaryA medical treatment
उपचार्या f. upacAryA practice of medicine
उपचर्य ind. upacarya having approached
उपचारक adj. upacAraka for upacAra
उपचारक m. upacAraka politeness
उपचारक m. upacAraka courteousness
उपचरक m. upacaraka spy
उपचरण n. upacaraNa approach
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } perform
उपाचरति verb upAcarati { upAcar } be obedient
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } attend
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } use figuratively or metaphorically
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } go towards
उपाचरति verb upAcarati { upAcar } come near to
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } bear a hand
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } apply figuratively
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } come near
उपाचरति verb upAcarati { upAcar } serve
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } set about
उपाचरति verb upAcarati { upAcar } approach
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } approach
उपाचरति verb upAcarati { upAcar } wait on
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } undertake
उपाचरति verb upAcarati { upAcar } attend upon
उपचरति verb upacarati { upacar } wait upon
उपचारिक adj. upacArika serving for
उपचारिक adj. upacArika belonging to
उपचारिका f. upacArikA nurse
उपचरित adj. upacarita approached
उपचरित adj. upacarita attended
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