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उपगम m. upagama accession
उपगम m. upagama approach
उपगान n. upagAna accompaniment [music]
उपघात m. upaghAta damage
उपागमन n. upAgamana access [approach]
उपागमन n. upAgamana accession [approach]
उपगण्य राशि f. upagaNya rAzi appreciable quantity
उपागमन-मार्ग m. upAgamana-mArga approaches [to a house or canal]
व्ययम् उपगच्छति verb 1 vyayam upagacchati { upa- gam } pay for the costs
व्ययम् उपगच्छति verb 1 vyayam upagacchati { upa- gam } meet costs
उपग adj. upaga going towards
उपग adj. upaga conducive
उपग adj. upaga being or staying in or on
उपग adj. upaga following
उपग adj. upaga covered
उपग adj. upaga conducive to
उपग adj. upaga belonging to
उपग adj. upaga approaching
उपग adj. upaga fit for
उपगा f. upagA accompaniment of a song
उपग ppp upaga furnished with
उपग ppp upaga approached
उपागम m. upAgama agreement
उपागम m. upAgama occurrence
उपगम m. upagama promise
उपगम m. upagama going to
उपगम m. upagama undergoing
उपगम m. upagama having
उपगम m. upagama particular number
उपगम m. upagama perceiving
उपगम m. upagama coming to
उपगम m. upagama entering [into any state or condition]
उपगम m. upagama suffering
उपगम m. upagama approaching respectfully
उपगम m. upagama acquaintance
उपगम m. upagama approximation
उपागम m. upAgama approach
उपगम m. upagama feeling
उपगम m. upagama veneration
उपगम m. upagama society
उपगम m. upagama obtaining
उपागम m. upAgama promise
उपागम m. upAgama arrival
उपगम m. upagama agreement
उपगम m. upagama coming near to
उपगम m. upagama drawing towards
उपगम m. upagama intercourse
उपगम m. upagama acquiring
उपगण adj. upagaNa constituting a small class or number less than a troop on
उपगान n. upagAna accompanying song
उपागत adj. upAgata entered into any state or condition
उपगत adj. upagata promised
उपागत adj. upAgata fallen to one's share
उपगत adj. upagata arrived
उपागत adj. upAgata subject to
उपगत adj. upagata near at hand
उपागत adj. upAgata promised
उपागत adj. upAgata approached
उपगत adj. upagata occurred
उपागत adj. upAgata burdened with
उपगत adj. upagata approximate
उपागत adj. upAgata agreed
उपागत adj. upAgata arrived
उपगत adj. upagata undergone
उपागत adj. upAgata occurred
उपगत adj. upagata passed away
उपागत adj. upAgata come to
उपगत adj. upagata experienced furnished with
उपागत adj. upAgata happened
उपगत adj. upagata dead
उपगत n. upagata receipt
उपगत n. upagata acquittance
उपगत ppp. upagata happened
उपगत ppp. upagata met
उपगत ppp. upagata attained
उपगत ppp. upagata experienced
उपगत ppp. upagata approached
उपगत ppp. upagata agreed
उपगत ppp. upagata gone to
उपगत ppp. upagata allowed
उपगति f. upagati going near
उपगति f. upagati undergoing
उपगति m. upagati knowledge
उपगाति verb upagAti undergo
उपागाति verb upAgAti come near
उपगाति verb upagAti go
उपागाति verb upAgAti go towards
उपगाति verb upagAti walk
उपागाति verb upAgAti rush upon
उपगाति verb upagAti arrive at
उपगाति verb upagAti go near to
उपगाति verb upagAti come into
उपगातृ m. upagAtR one who accompanies the song of the udgAtR
उपगातृ m. upagAtR chorister
उपगामिन् adj. upagAmin coming near
उपगामिन् adj. upagAmin approaching
उपगामिन् adj. upagAmin arriving
उपगम्य adj. upagamya to be approached
उपगम्य adj. upagamya approachable
उपगम्य adj. upagamya having approached
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