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उपजात adj. upajAta produced
उपजात adj. upajAta engendered
उपजात adj. upajAta aroused
उपजात adj. upajAta added
उपजात adj. upajAta originated
उपजात adj. upajAta additional
उपजातकोप adj. upajAtakopa one whose anger is aroused
उपजातकोप adj. upajAtakopa provoked
उपजातकोप adj. upajAtakopa excited
उपजातखेद adj. upajAtakheda suffering from exhaustion
उपजातखेद adj. upajAtakheda faint
उपजातखेद adj. upajAtakheda feeble
उपजातक्रोध adj. upajAtakrodha excited
उपजातक्रोध adj. upajAtakrodha one whose anger is aroused
उपजातक्रोध adj. upajAtakrodha provoked
उपजातविश्वास adj. upajAtavizvAsa inspired with confidence
उपजातविश्वास adj. upajAtavizvAsa confident
उपजातविश्वास adj. upajAtavizvAsa trusting
उपजातविश्वास adj. upajAtavizvAsa believing
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