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उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha boundary of town
उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha space near town
उपकान्तम् ind. upakAntam near a friend
उपकान्तम् ind. upakAntam near a lover or a loved one
उपकण्ठ adj. upakaNTha proximate
उपकण्ठ adj. upakaNTha near
उपकण्ठ adj. upakaNTha being upon the neck or near the throat
उपकण्ठ adj. upakaNTha being in the proximity of
उपकण्ठ m. upakaNTha vicinity
उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha contiguous space
उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha space near a village or its boundary
उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha horse's gallop
उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha proximity
उपकण्ठ n. upakaNTha neighbourhood
उपकण्ठम् ind. upakaNTham towards the neck
उपकण्ठम् ind. upakaNTham round the neck
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