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उपानह् f. upAnah shoe
उपानह् f. upAnah sandal
उपनाह m. upanAha bundle
उपनाह m. upanAha inflammation of the ciliary glands
उपनाह m. upanAha plaster
उपनाह m. upanAha stye
उपनाह m. upanAha unguent
उपनाह m. upanAha tie of a lute
उपनाह m. upanAha cover
उपनाह m. upanAha continual enmity
उपनाह m. upanAha poultice
उपानहिन् adj. upAnahin having shoes
उपानहिन् adj. upAnahin shoed
उपनाहन n. upanAhana act of putting a plaster upon
उपनाहन n. upanAhana applying an unguent
उपनाहन n. upanAhana plaster
उपनाहन n. upanAhana cover
उपनहन n. upanahana anything fit for binding up or wrapping
उपनाहन n. upanAhana poultice
उपनह्यति verb upanahyati { upanah } tie or bind to or up
उपनह्यति verb upanahyati { upanah } bind together
उपनह्यति verb upanahyati { upanah } make up into a bundle
उपनाहयति verb caus. upanAhayati { upanah } dress
उपनाहयति verb caus. upanAhayati { upanah } tie up
उपनाहयति verb caus. upanAhayati { upanah } wrap
उपनाहस्वेद m. upanAhasveda perspiration caused by a kind of poultice
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